Sunday, December 6, 2009


Here is what I am thinking:
Day 1 - 15 min stretching done anytime throughout the day. Bonus points for actual aerobic activity.
Day 2 - Fit Test Day - How many pushups & crunches can you do? Also for your own knowledge weigh and measure yourself.
Day 3 - Walking: Do as long a walk as you can points for every 5 minutes you walk.
Day 4 - Jumping Jax- How many can you do? Points for every 25.
Day 5 - Wall squats - See how long you can hold it. Points for every 10 seconds.
Day 6 - Teach someone a new exercise or two
Day 7 - Do something fun/active. Points for the most creative.
Day 8 - Do a workout video.
Day 9 - Today is lunge day. How many can you do?
Day 10 - Exercise of the day brought to you by Sparkpeople.
Day 11 - Repeat Fit Test from Day 2- Any improvement? Weight and measure again for your own record
Day 12 - 5K walk for Christmas

Alright this is what I have so far... Please let me know if you have any suggestions or changes.

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