Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Who wants to join me?

Talking to my family yesterday really helped to inspire me. I need to get my booty in gear. Who is with me for a 30 day challenge? How bout we take the month of August and give it all we have. What you will need to do in the mean time is get your starting weight written down and your measurements. You can track any measurements you want. I track a whole list of them. Do what is best for you. Also take a starting picture Biggest Loser Style in your bra and panties or biker shorts or whatever works for you. A visual aide always helps in seeing how far you have come. Set a goal for the month. Post your goal where you can see it. We will weigh in each week to see how we are doing. I will do my best to post or email you an inspirational message each morning. I can do this...We can do this... So who wants to join me?