Friday, March 5, 2010

Healthier Diet March 4th-7th

March 4th -
Know your "red flag" menu words. Avoid restaurant items described as: battered, bottomless, breaded, buttery, cheesy, country, creamy, crispy, fried, giant, loaded, smothered and stuffed.
March 5th -
Drink water. It's the only beverage your body really needs and craves. Gradually replace soda, flavored coffees, sugary drinks and other high-cal liquids with water. Aim for 8-12 cups each day.
March 6th -
Too busy to cook healthfully? To save time, use your Crockpot, cook and freeze large batches of food, buy pre-cut or pre-cooked ingredients, and keep an organized grocery list.
March 7th -
Avoid trans fats. They increase your risk of heart disease. Foods with "partially hydrogenated oil" as an
ingredient contain trans fat (even if the label says 0 grams) and should be left on the grocery shelf.

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