Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This Week's Results

Here are how the numbers shaped up this week. Remember that next week is the last weigh in of this Challenge.
My question to each of you is this...Do you as a group want to award a winner for the month after next week and continue on in the challenge? Do you want to take a break and do some more in another month or two? Do you want to change up the Challenge in any way? Do you want to start over with some other type of Challenge? Please give me your input of what you think.

Kristie                    2.82%
Max                       2.55%
Mel                        0.86%
Lisa                        0.78%
Karli                       0.00%
Kasey                  +1.08%
Shyra                   +1.12%

Remember that this month is still up for grabs. No one is out of it if you really work hard this last week.
Good luck to all!

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